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Why Post LinkedIn Carousels?

LinkedIn carousels are great for getting more attention and sharing more information. Here’s why they work so well:

More Interactions

People spend more time on carousel posts, which means they interact more with them.

Better Reach

Carousels get seen by more people (!), helping you spread your message wider.

Easy Storytelling

You can use the slides to tell a story or share detailed info easily.


With several images and texts, these posts stand out and grab attention.

Flexible Use

Carousels are perfect for showing off your projects, giving tips, and much more.

Share More in One Go

You can show different ideas or parts of a story across several slides, keeping it simple and clear on each one.

How to Make a Good LinkedIn Carousel Post

Creating an effective LinkedIn carousel post isn't hard. Follow these tips to make yours stand out:


Start with a Hook

Your first slide should grab attention. Use a catchy headline or an interesting fact.


Keep It Clear

Use simple language and clear visuals. Each slide should focus on one main idea.


Use High-Quality Images

Choose sharp, relevant images. Good visuals attract more viewers.


Be Consistent

Your slides should look like they belong together. Use similar colors, fonts, and layouts.


End with a Call to Action

Your last slide should tell viewers what to do next, like visiting a website or connecting with you.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Carousels

To make your LinkedIn carousel posts more effective, follow these best practices:


Consistent Branding

Use your brand colors and logo to make each slide recognizable and professional.


Engaging Content

Write content that is interesting and valuable to your audience. Keep text concise and to the point.


Logical Flow

Arrange your slides in an order that makes sense. The story or argument should flow smoothly from one slide to the next.


Interactive Elements

Include questions or prompts that encourage viewers to engage, like asking for their opinions or experiences.


Optimize for Mobile

Most LinkedIn users access via mobile. Make sure your text is large enough to read and your images look good on smaller screens.

Why Use a LinkedIn Carousel Generator?

Our tool streamlines your LinkedIn post design, making it fast and easy

Efficient Design Process

Build engaging carousel posts without prior design skills. Our tool is user-friendly, so you can create professional-looking carousels in just a few clicks. It saves you time by automating the tricky parts of design.

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Completely free to use, maximizing your marketing budget. You don’t have to hire a designer or pay for expensive software. Our generator helps you create high-quality content without any cost, which is great for small businesses and creators.


Customize your carousels with various images and texts. Choose from a wide range of templates and options to match your brand's style and message. You can update and tweak your designs anytime, giving you the freedom to experiment and find what works best.

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How It Works

Create your LinkedIn carousel in 3 simple steps:


Choose Your Template

Pick from a variety of designs. Whether you want something sleek and professional or colorful and creative, we have something for everyone.



Add your images and text. Easily drag and drop your photos and edit the text to convey your message exactly how you want.



Download the carousel or schedule it to post on LinkedIn. You can save your work to share later or set it up to go live at the best time for your audience.


What is a carousel post on LinkedIn?

A carousel post on LinkedIn allows you to share multiple images or cards in a single post, which users can swipe through.

How much does a carousel cost?

Our carousel generator is completely free to use!

Can you do a carousel post on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn supports carousel posts, allowing you to showcase multiple images or slides within a single post.

How to make a LinkedIn carousel post?

Use our generator to easily select images, add text, and arrange your slides. Once done, publish directly to LinkedIn.

How to do a carousel on LinkedIn?

Start by creating your carousel in our generator, then upload the finished carousel directly on LinkedIn or schedule a carousel on our platform.

How to create LinkedIn carousel?

Use our tool to select templates, add images, and customize text. Preview and adjust until you're satisfied, then publish.

Best size for LinkedIn carousel?

The optimal image size for LinkedIn carousel posts is 1080 x 1080 pixels, ensuring clear and engaging visuals.

LinkedIn carousel size?

The recommended size for each carousel image is 1080 x 1350 pixels for portrait and 1280 x 720 pixels for landscape view.

LinkedIn carousel image?

Ensure your carousel images are high-quality and relevant to the content, and keep them uniform in style for consistency.

How to download LinkedIn carousel?

Click the 'Download' button on this page or in our app to save your carousel designs.

LinkedIn carousel post best practices?

Keep a consistent design, use high-quality images, keep text readable, and always end with a call to action.

Where can I find a carousel?

Download PDF guides and templates directly from this page or access more resources in the Carousel section in our app.