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Your personal AI Social Media Manager

Get your own AI social media marketing agent that automates your social media. With a single click.

Get your personal AI agent on LinkedIn to grow your business

Create content, generate ideas and irresistible hooks for LinkedIn

Boost your sales and build your audience

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What is Social Media Marketing agent?

A web application that creates AI social media marketing agents to automate tasks on social platforms.

Old way

  • Hire a Social Media Manager
  • Pay him/her $$$
  • Wait for results

New way

  • Create an AI agent
  • Pay it the price of a cup of coffee
  • Get results in minutes
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How does it work?

Step 1:
Create Content Plan

You tell Social Media Marketing Agent what you want to achieve on social media. You set the goals. SMM Agent analyzes a target audience and creates a content plan based on your requirements.

  • You set the goals
  • SMM agent researchs target audience and trends
  • SMM agent creates a content plan
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Step 2
Create content

Social Media Marketing Agent knows what your audience likes and creates content according to the plan.

  • SMM agent identifies the brand voice
  • SMM agent creates content according to the plan
  • You approve the final result
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Step 3:
Track performance and optimize content

Social Media Marketing Agent keeps an eye on how your social media is performing. It looks at engagement such as likes, comments, and followers you get. With these insights, it gives you ideas to create highly engaging content.

  • SMM agent tracks performance
  • Agent analyzes the data to find out what works best
  • Agent suggests new ideas to create highly engaging content
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What you can do with it

Create Content Plans

Stay organized with a plan! SMM Agent helps you create a schedule for what to post on social media. It tells you what to talk about each day, like your strengths or discipline in workouts. No more wondering what to share next!

Generate Ideas

Spark your creativity! SMM Agent sparks ideas for your posts. It gives you inspiration for what to write about, whether it's fitness tips, business stories, or motivational quotes. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless ideas!

Write Content

Never run out of ideas! SMM Agent generates cool suggestions for your posts. It gives you fun and interesting topics to write about on LinkedIn and Twitter. It's like having a creative friend always by your side!

Track Performance

Know how you're doing! SMM Agent keeps track of how well your posts are doing on social media. It counts the likes, comments, and followers you get. It's like having your own personal scorekeeper!

Optimize Content

Make your posts even better! SMM Agent helps you improve your content. It suggests changes to make your posts more engaging and effective. With its guidance, your posts will shine brighter than ever!

Monitor Trends

Stay in the know! SMM Agent keeps an eye on the latest trends. It tells you what's popular and helps you stay up-to-date with what people are talking about. Be the trendsetter in your industry!


MonthlyAnnual (2 months for free)


40 posts per month

  • 1 agent
  • 5 content plans / month
  • ~40 posts / month
  • 50,000 characters / month
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80 posts per month

  • 3 agents
  • 20 content plans / month
  • ~80 posts / month
  • 100,000 characters / mo
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200 posts per month

  • Unlimited agents
  • 50 content plans / month
  • ~200 posts / month
  • 250,000 characters / mo
  • Priority support
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* 30-day money-back guarantee


What does AI agent mean?

AI agent is an agent acting in an intelligent manner. It perceives its environment and takes actions autonomously based on the goals you set. It leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to assist with content creation, engagement, trend monitoring, and optimization, streamlining your social media management tasks.

Can it publish content on social media?

Yes, Social Media Marketing Agent will have the capability to publish content on social media platforms. Content can be published through Zapier integration (you should have a Zapier account).

SMM Agent vs. Other AI content creation tools

Unlike other AI content creation tools, SMM Agent goes beyond traditional automation. It operates as an autonomous AI agent that runs tasks on its own, giving you more time to focus on strategy and engagement. It's not only creating content but also monitoring trends and optimizing your social media presence.

Can I get refund?

Yes, we offer a 30-day refund policy. If, within 30 days after purchase, you find that SMM Agent doesn't meet your expectations, you can request a refund.

Which platforms will SMM agent use?

SMM Agent creates content specifically for LinkedIn.

Will you add other social networks?

Based on the feedback and requests from early adopters, we plan to expand the range of supported social networks. Your input will play a crucial role in determining which networks to prioritize for integration.